I am a world author of a trilogy “God’s Miracles in Lives of Regular People”, in which I describe how the main character Maria Kurbatov overcomes the dramatic events and survives the life-threatening situations thanks to her strong faith in the Divinity.

I am always opened to discuss the chain of Maria’s life occurrences and situations, author’s style of the description of these historical and personal events, as well as their resolutions, BUT the chain of events was not fictitiously created in my imagination, all of them took place in a true life of my mother-in-law Maria and were recorded by her in personal journals.

The way this wonderful woman observed the world, her philosophical and spiritual understanding of hardships, and the tactic that helped her to survive her personal adversities are apparent and logical in our time. Every modern person, a man or a woman, can easier undergo the global crises, learning from the immense experiences of the main character.

Maria’s human and spiritual examples had already saved lives of many people. She transferred her understanding of life to her sons, granddaughter and me, as well as to friends, multiple acquaintances, hundreds of fellow travelers, authorities and just strangers. The petite size woman was blessed to attract people’s attention to her life story, her philosophical, spiritual and practical understanding of life events and resolutions of hardships. People of different ages, ranks and social positions looked at Maria with admiration and respect. Thanks to realization of mother Maria’s approach to the life of our family, we were blessed to survive our personal death perils, multiple hardships and professional climbing to our successful achievements. Not so many immigrants can state that they survived in the USA without financial support of the government. We did. Nobody, but us paid for our education and life expenses. This country gives a lot of opportunities to people of young and middle age. Find what you want to achieve in your life. Imagine the final result. What is your dream? Never be afraid to dream. Second step is: think how you can reach your goal. When you dream about the final result, think about the practical steps of your project. I remember, how my husband, a first year immigrant, surprised the experienced business adviser with back ground of Yale university with his far-going plans to found and develop the International resort, based on integrative medicine which combined the lab and image testing of the regular medicine with holistic methods of healing. Actually, he had calculated in his thoughts every step of his dream before that visit to the business adviser and the single visit was enough for creating of the business plan. Mother Maria’s teaching helped: “Define your dream, hold it and do not allow yourself to lose it. When you know what you want, think how you can reach it. But do not forget about a corner stone of your structure – ask for God’s blessing of your project”.

We were always grateful to the Lord and our dear mother for passing our life tests and success that strengthened our faith in Divinity.

As a writer, I’ve been suggested by Media interview connection services to participate in shows on the topics they consider urgent at the present time. What major topics are suggested? Most of them are connected with accounting standards affecting bill payments; real estate and how the real estate attorneys are dealing with skyrocketing vacancy rates and bad economy; workplace ethics, and how parents should explain their children what is going on with the economy and why one or both parents have lost jobs or filed bankruptcy.

I agree with the importance of the informing programs. Knowledge is always strength and stability in future when we attend schools. Many years of teaching and counseling made me expert on this topic. There is one thing that scares people and forces them to think about possible end of the world in the nearest future, when they are told that the whole world is already “in a shaky boat in the middle of deep global crises”. Everyone who has brains asks with fear, “Where do we float? Can we reach the firm land again?” Such thoughts and concerns do not bring inner peace, strength and creativity in order to make the right decisions. It’s the test for all the mankind.

I doubt that only the knowledge about dramatically increased numbers of closed businesses, unemployment, financially unstable families, who applied for state support, transferring kids from private to public schools, broken marriages, abortions, and the worst – suicide will help today at least one family to get peace and well-being in the house foreclosure?

What should we do with the increased and decreased numbers during the complicated period of life? How does this knowledge alone prevent filing bankruptcy, if there is no more business, as business? Where to look for job and how to find quickly the same managerial position in order to sustain mortgage and car payments? Even so, you try to get rid of the second car in the family at this hard time, who will take your leased car earlier than the term of your agreement?

I did not find in a list of suggested show topics a single one that can positively influence today or tomorrow the minds and hearts of people, bringing them in the state of a relative enlightenment. The political and economic experts give us different reasons why it has happened and predict another difficult year. They sound well-acknowledged, but where were all these specialists and experts two-three years ago?

Those readers who were patient enough to come to this paragraph will read some diverse or unusual interpretation of Global downturn and loss of previous stability in vitally important spheres of human life – economic, spiritual, financial, and political.

In which of named above spheres our modern society failed initially and seriously for the last twenty years? You are right – in true spirituality. I did not say that we stopped attending churches, synagogues or mosques. Do our children and grandchildren attend the churches on the regular bases? Why do we do this? What is the reason of going there? We like to be present at church services, meet our friends weekly, chat with them, while drinking coffee after the service, and go home. Isn’t it nice? It is just pleasant routine.

Do we do it for our soul, heart and mind? Do we go there for cleansing of all dust that was generated by our depressive thoughts during the week? Do we come to the House of our Father to get rid of contamination and dirt that we attracted for a week? Do we come to confession regularly and sincerely repent in our sins? Do we enter the house of the Lord to share with Him and Holy Spirit our happiness, success and concerns? Do we feel the presence of our Father there? Do we believe that He is waiting for us to come? Many people follow some religious rituals, but do not experience heartfelt spirituality. Where is faith, if people forget start and finish the day with praising the Lord? The connection with the Divinity is so weak that the necessity to talk/pray to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit does not exist. In the morning, we jump in the car with a cup of coffee and empty heart, mind and soul. How can He bless this emptiness for a day?

The energetic vibration of a prayer upraises along the invisible, but ever existing soul cord to the Divinity. It is like the bell, we start praying and the Universe hears us; that’s why it is better to sound without deceit for receiving the blessed answer from Above that will attune our vitality. Without divine adjustment we cannot obtain our inner peace and real blessedness. Who of us experiences a state of bliss, at least once in a while? Are you familiar with this sensation? What can be better than feeling happy without justifiable reason?

What did most of the people think about not far than five-six years ago? Human mind processed the same thoughts – business, income, shopping and leisure. People worked hard in order constantly improve the quality of life and purchase everything they wanted. Who needed God, if all the desired things they could obtain with fair or not so fair financial manipulations? Did money bring them bliss? No, it didn’t. It was alarming to observe: the highest level of material life did prevent people from depression, diseases and suicide. Creating heaven on earth with money instead of God, they could not find inner peace, health and happiness. Drugs and alcohol further deteriorated human life, health and family relationship. Working as a healthcare practitioner, I had the opportunity to learn the subject that I described. There was one common cause – lost connection with the Divinity. When human individuals do not sustain their connection with the Divinity, they lose inner peace, joy, happiness, realization of dreams, health, and very often assets, investing them in a sinkhole.

God forbid, if this happened just to you and me, but if the downturn affected all the mankind? Our patient Creator watched us for a long time, waiting for human intent to restore the connection with the Divinity. People did not praise Him for whatever they achieved in their life. Everything that people were blessed with was taken for granted and without any appreciation, being certain that it had occurred because they were so bright, well-educated, obnoxious or lucky. If so, nobody owed Him anything, even appreciation.

Today, the Creator gives us a chance to elevate our consciousness, enlighten our mind and restore the connection with Him through the growing faith. That is why He put the whole mankind without discriminating of any nation or nationality into the same boat and exhorted us in a dangerous journey. He believes that under new life circumstances, His children will return to Him, looking for His mercy, support and love. Only with God all things are possible, only with Him we can quickly succeed.

Stay always blessed,

By Angelic Tarasio

Florida, USA.

“Awakening of Faith Article Series”

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