Let me introduce myself, I am Angelic Tarasio, a regular person, who was blessed from above to write a trilogy about miracles that happened in the lives of the regular people. Time ago, I wrote my autobiography for the publishers of my books and could not satisfy them with “dryness” of the info I submitted. My first book did not include my biographical data. Why? Not due to something extraordinary that I have to hide from my readers. I did not want to distract the attention from my book.

It was the first step into the world of literature, and everyone wanted to see different aspects of my personality, including education, talents, interests, number of marriages, romances, relationship with my children and what are they, my points of view for political and economic changes, personal tastes and stores, I prefer to visit for shopping, cars I drive, etc.

As for me, the book was #1. I mean, it was supposed to be the focal point in my new project. My understanding of faith and its meaning in surviving, overcoming hardships and achievement of success was more important than the introduction of my personality. Serious and inspirational reading has to be introduced to the world at the moment of global crisis when people could find it helpful and supportive, that’s why I did not want to mention from the very beginning anything not related to the book content.

I wanted my readers to see a book, read it and realize that with God everything is possible. It’s my major belief, my credo and my life in this world is a proof of this statement.

In the very first paragraph, I expressed my opinion about regularity of my personality. It’s true. I was born in atheistic family and in the country, where the word “God” was forbidden. I studied well, and the school teacher noticed my ability to write. From childhood I was writing a journal, describing the daily events in the form of poems and stories.

What is my education? I got married when we were students. I studied English and German and became a teacher of these languages with Degree and Diploma. In a year, my first child was born. I was a good student and the foreign languages were not difficult subjects for me. My son is fluent in English from childhood and has studied German easily just because he has visited all the lectures with his mother from the very first moment of my pregnancy. I am joking, but there is true sense in it.

In the USA, I have changed my major for nutrition. Why? My husband opened his Center for Integrative medicine, where he combined some aspects of conventional and holistic medicines together. He needed a nutritional consultant for elaboration of the individual nutritional programs based on the results of his evaluation and different lab tests. I had always enjoyed studying, and I found nutrition, as a very interesting and really important part of medicine.

Many years of work in holistic medicine gave me an idea how to improve the health of people through nutrition. We should include in school program the basics of nutritional science. Learning about safe sex is important, but learning the correct nutrition could be important for children, as well. Maybe, it is not so important for pharmaceutical and health insurance companies? Oh, well…

Number of marriages? Two. The first was rather short. My ex-husband preferred somebody else to me, my love and our son. For some time, I could not understand why it happened. The Lord was merciful, He sent me another person who devoted his life to our family and who tried his best in order I could forget the bitterness of my first marriage. Was it easy? Not for me. I’ll describe it in one of my books.

Who are my children? I was blessed to have two of them, a son and a daughter. They are my love, pride, hope and accomplishment. I hope, they love their mother, too. I am grateful to the Creator for them. Both of them are successful in medical field. I wish they trust the Lord more. I believe that it requires some time, patience, intensive work, and with God everything delightful will be possible in their lives. I have two grandchildren. Every grandparent knows that we love them even more than our own kids. What a joy and inspiration to see them!

What are my talents, interests, hobbies and tastes? I like how God creates people. He supplies every single one with definite talents, interests and tastes. I enjoy reciting poems and writing books. I consider my motherhood, successful teaching and helpful counseling of sick people, as my talents from God. Reading books and listening to music are my hobbies.

What stores do I visit frequently and what do I like to buy? My tastes are individual, as the tastes of most of the people of my age. I am not a strict debutant in closing, but at the same time bohemian style is not mine, as well. I like my Chanel cosmetics, accessories, glasses and real jewelry. Like most of the women, I enjoy visiting different department stores, but I do not like to do it frequently and without purpose. I am not a person who checks the labels first. I wear what I like and what fits me well. The quality and fabric are more important for me.

What car I prefer to drive? My car Mercedes-Benz G55 satisfies me well.

What is my point of view at the global changes in economy? It cannot be described as negative, positive or just it’s “o.k.” It affected all of us. The Bankruptcy statistics goes at the annual rate of 1.3 million filings in 2008. Everyone understands what stays behind this huge number. The danger of suicide grew. Those people, who do appreciate their lives, as the most valuable God’s gift can make a step in a wrong direction. It’s time when we must re-evaluate our lives, thoughts, interests and desires. It’s time to strengthen our connection with the Divinity. He is our Provider and Hope. With God everything is possible.

Florida, USA

“Awakening of Faith Article Series”

Author Angelic Tarasio

Author Angelic Tarasio

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